​​​​J O H N  B.  W R E N

     John B. Wren began writing fiction in 2009. To Probe a Beating Heart, his first novel, was completed in 2011, with subsequent releases of Killing His Fear and Darryl’s Reunion in 2012 and 2014 respectively. 
​      Wren’s first three releases look beyond murder and mystery into how the world and personal experience influence human nature and behavior. Darryl's Reunion has been adapted as a screenplay and is currently being considered by a number of production companies.
     Wren's next project is a series, set in the ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries in Ireland. The first three books, two novellas and a novel, form a trilogy describing the beginning of the Clann mac Laoghaire. Additional tales of the Clann's history may be added to continue through the years between then and now.
     Wren is also working on a new novel set in modern day Washington, D.C. This story continues the tales of two of Wren's characters in previous novels, bringing them together in a life changing series of events. This work is currently in development and expected to be released sometime in 2017.
     A retired consulting engineer, Wren’s career in design engineering and construction spans more than 40 years. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised in western New York State, he began his engineering career in Cleveland, Ohio in 1967 and moved to Virginia in 1988 where he currently resides with his wife in Fairfax County.

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