Darryl's Reunion is the story of a young boy, killed in his first year of high school. His murder goes unsolved for nineteen years. The interest of the towns newest detective is drawn because it is an unsolved murder and peaked when he finds out the victims intended graduating class from the local high school is holding its fifteenth year reunion. Detective Ian McLarry meets with the reunion committee and begins asking questions. "We know who did it," claim the committee members. "We just can't prove it."
     As detective McLarry begins his investigation, one of the committee members begins their own path to justice.

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     The saga continues with Daigh and Saraid raising their three sons in Medieval Ireland. Ceara, Daigh's grandmother had a dream in 893 wherein she was visited by a dark figure of a woman who threatened to take their unborn son and all his sons after him to become great warriors. 
      Neither Scolai nor Daigh were taken, but both became warriors for the Dal gCais. In 944 at the Battle of Gort Rotachain, Scolai was killed and Daigh severely wounded. Able to get around with a limp and am occasional crutch, Daigh became a full-time farmer as he and Saraid raised their sons, Garbhan, Laoghaire and Tanai. One will die, one will become a farmer and one will become a great warrior, fighting alongside the future High King of Ireland.

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Book 2 of the An Trodai Trilogy 

     From the time before history, Eirinn was an island nation of many tribes, kingdoms and sub-kingdoms. Disputes between these groups pitted countrymen against countrymen in battle after battle. The invasions by raiders from northern countries dating from 795 AD to the end of the first millennium aided in maintaining a near constant state of warfare somwhere on the island. 
     In 894 a Viking raider takes a young girl during a raid and leaves her raped, beaten and bloodied. Ceara dies nine months later giving birth to a boy, Scolai who grows up in this world of constant battle and becomes a warrior in the army of Cennetig mac Lorcain.


an trodai: SCOLAI  

to probe a beating heart

thriller         published 2011 (2013)

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mystery           published 2013

historical fiction​           published june 2016

Book 3 of the An Trodai Trilogy 

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Book 1 of the An Trodai Trilogy 

​​​​J O H N  B.  W R E N

killing his fear

     Laoghaire has been killed at the battle of Bealach Lechta, leaving a wife with two children and a third on the way. Born on a cold November night as a wolf howls in the nearby wood, the baby, bigger than her first two, screams his way into the world. Deirdre hears the wolf and honors the beast, naming him Conall.
    Conall's father was a Dal gCais warrior, as was his grandfather and his father before him. He learns the ways of battle from another warrior and fights under the flag of a king who unites his nation and Conall rises to lead his family, his tribe, through difficult times and establishes a clan that will endure.
​     This tale begins in the year 978 AD.

an trodai: conall  

Darryl's Reunion 

historical fiction​           PUBLISHED  JUNE 2018

Books by  JOHN b. WREN

     The films of the forties and early fifties depend on lighting and sounds to convey terror. They didn't have the advantage of color and computer graphics nor did they delve into the same level of gore and violence we see today. Such was the world of Brandon, a young impressionable boy who watches a Frankenstein movie on television one night and begins a trek through life in an ever deepening spiral of FEAR of the grey men and shadowy characters of these early films.
     Losing his father to a hit and run driver and his mother to her own mental hell, Brandon leaves home in suburban Detroit, seeking vanity in Florida. He arrives in Washington, DC and decided to earn a little money as a dishwasher before continuing his journey. He stays and eventually begins to see hope in his dark tunnel and a few life changing events begin to lift his spirits.
     Brandon may be on a track to coming out of his hellish spiral, or he may be boring deeper into oblivion.

an trodai: laoghaire  

historical fiction​           published september 2016

     In the autumn of 1991, a young girl disappears from a Cleveland Heights, Ohio neighborhood. She was last seen talking to a man as the clouds opened up and rain began. The only witness is an elderly women whose description of the possible kidnapper could fit any number of people. As police, friends and family search the immediate area for Annette, she is taken farther away and becomes on the predators early victims.

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thriller         published 2012